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“I wake up every day and see that I’m not in an alleyway; I’m not in a doorway. I’m here in a safe place, and I’m thankful”

- Shelter Resident



The Salvation Army Tucson

Hospitality House

12PM - 5PM

1002 N. Main Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705
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The Salvation Army Hospitality House is open 24/7, providing emergency shelter for those in need. The facility, located near downtown Tucson, features a 104-bed facility with separate accommodations for men and women, and two family apartments. We also have accommodations for respite care, special needs and Veterans. Motel vouchers may be available to assist housing families with special needs. In addition to a safe and clean environment, the facility features laundry, showers, television, and dining. Guests receive two meals per day and access to vital programs and services.


Programs are targeted to emergency housing needs, as well as options for both short term, 21-day emergency shelter, and long term, 4-month transitional assistance, these life transforming services include:


 * Professional Case Management through referrals

* Health & Medical Assistance

* Agency Referrals & Support Groups

* Employment Services through referrals

* Life Skills Guidance & Training through referrals

* Religious Services

* 24-Hour Emergency Assistance


While staying at The Hospitality House, guests may also participate in scheduled activities such as support groups and living skills workshops, Bible Study and Sunday worship services. During stressful times of the year and in response to crises, The Hospitality House will also engage in additional outreach and assistance programs for the homeless, including coat and blanket distribution, emergency shelter during extreme temperatures and weather, water distribution, toiletries and sun relief items.  Annually, The Salvation Army Tucson provides over 50,000 meals and helps at least 23,000 people.


These services are provided by The Salvation Army in collaboration with several other agencies.

Are you in need of help? Please contact our Hospitality House Team at 520-795-9671
1002 N. Main Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705

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