The Salvation Army Tucson Area


Captains David & Ellen Oh

We served in Oxnard, California as Salvation Army ministry leaders from 2002 to 2005 and felt called to enter the Officer Training College, where we were prepared and equipped for officership for 2 years. Since we were commissioned as officers, we have served in the East Bay area of Northern California as Corps officers of Tri City Corps for 2 years and served the San Francisco All Nations Corps for 7 years. After that, we came back to CFOT (College For Officer Training) for a 2-year appointment as Curriculum officer (David) and Campus Service officer (Ellen). Now, God has called us to be the Area Coordinators of Tucson.


It is a great honor and privilege to serve Tucson community and we are truly excited as we anticipate what God will be doing for Tucson as we all grow and work together.


May the Lord richly bless the city and citizens of Tucson!


In His love and care,


David & Ellen Oh, Captains
Tucson Area Coordinators of The Salvation Army

Greetings to all Tucson citizens! We are so grateful and excited to be part of the beautiful and warm Tucson community and are excited to serve the community as coordinators of The Salvation Army. Since The Salvation Army had arrived in Tucson in 1893, God has blessed the community through various ministries, with a great support from the community.

Ellen and I are thrilled to continue the legacy of The Salvation Army by serving the people of Tucson to the best of our abilities and with the unconditional love of God.

To introduce ourselves, we were married in 1986 and have three grown children. We both worked various jobs and positions, including banking and owning small businesses before I joined the US Army, serving 7 years before going into The Salvation Army in 2001.