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If you donate to The Salvation Army in Arizona by Tax Day 2020, you can claim a tax credit for 2019 that reduces dollar for dollar what you pay in state income tax.

Couples who file jointly can reduce their state taxes by up to $800; individuals or head of household filers can claim a tax credit of up to $400.

Need The Salvation Army's local Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO) Code? Available here.

The money you would otherwise pay in taxes can benefit your community through the good work of The Salvation Army!

How does it work?

Donate to The Salvation Army.

Prepare your Arizona state tax return .

Claim the credit when you file your return.

Giving AND receiving is now easier than ever!  Recent state law changes mean you no longer need to itemize your state return to claim this credit. 

If you have no Arizona tax liability for the current year, you may carry the tax credit forward for up to five years.  Your donation may also be claimed as a charitable deduction on your federal income tax.

The need is great, and you can help.
Please make your gift today.

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit   

Arizona Working Poor

Charitable Tax Credit Form

Available Here

It’s Better to Give AND Receive

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Give to The Salvation Army Tucson.  

2. Reduce dollar-for-dollar what you pay in Arizona income tax.

3. Benefit the entire community.

The number and the needs of the less fortunate in Arizona have never been greater.  Men and women who have been able to take care of themselves and their families in the past have lost their jobs, their savings, their homes, and their health care coverage.

You can help.
You can give AND receive.

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